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India’s Supreme Court failed to deliver a verdict on Muslim students wear hijab in schools and colleges


India’s Supreme Court has failed to deliver a verdict on whether Muslim students can wear the hijab in schools and colleges, with two judges expressing opposing views.

One judge upheld a Karnataka high court order from March that falsely claimed the hijab was not essential to Islam.

The other said the high court order was erroneous and wearing the hijab was a matter of choice.

The verdict was expected to cap a 10-month-long polarizing debate in India.

But today’s development means the debate over the hijab will continue to consume the Indian public and the judiciary, as the judges could not agree on a decision, they have now requested the chief justice of India to recommend it to a larger bench.

The decision of Justice Hemant Gupta, who headed the two-judge bench, to uphold the high court order was widely expected.

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